Clean Air Filter

Your air conditioner’s air filter plays an important role in the proper operation of your AC system. The ac air filter is not just to help keep the air clean, it can make your AC work properly. Replacing or cleaning the air filter regularly before it turns into a dirty ac filter is one of the most important steps you can take to maintain your air conditioner in its best form. A dusty ac air filter can destroy havoc on your HVAC system leading to expensive repairs or a complete breakdown when you need your air conditioning the most. A clean air filter can increase energy efficiency and help you avoid a costly air conditioning repair in the future.

An air sludge serves as a screen that captures patches. An air conditioner, not unexpectedly, pumps and circulates cool air throughout the home. Dust, dirt, dander, and another debris trip through the air. The sludge captures contaminations. When it comes time to throw out the dirty sludge, all of the collected pollutants go with it.

Be aware that the sludge also screens out contaminations from collecting inside of the air exertion system. However, also functional problems may arise, If dirt and further pile up on the colorful corridor. Changing the sludge on time becomes a must-have. Putting a new sludge into the unit proves to be the far more preferable option to reusing an old one.

Reduced Air Flow

A dirty air filter is the #1 cause for HVAC system failure as it makes it harder for your unit to work properly and efficiently. A dirty filter in AC restricts the airflow into your room and places an additional strain on the unit. Regularly changing your air filter is an easy step you can take to extend the life of the AC in your home.

High Energy Bills

An air conditioner with a dirty air filter will lead to high energy bills. A dirty air filter caused your entire unit to work harder than it normally does and use more power to cool your home. In fact, a clogged dirty air filter can cause a 15% increase in energy usage.

Short Cycling

Your HVAC system is going to occasionally cycle on and off throughout the day, but a dirty air filter can cause those cycles to become more frequent. Frequent cycling can lead to noise pollution, wasted energy, and uncomfortable temperature changes.

Frozen AC

A clean air filter will not impede air flow in and out of your unit. However, a dirty air filter will restrict the flow of cold air, causing it to build up inside the ac unit and lower the temperature. If your air filter clogs during summer cooling season, the buildup of the cold air can lead to ice forming on the ac coils or evaporator. The freezing will reduce the HVAC system’s ability to remove heat from the air and eventually cause your air conditioner to breakdown.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

A dirty ac air filter will allow dust, dander and debris it should be filtering into your air duct system. Over time, the dirt that accumulates in your ducts will be distributed throughout your home and into the air you breathe. It is especially important for you to change your filter regularly if anyone in your home suffers from asthma or respiratory allergies. A dirty air filter will lead to poor indoor air quality and can cause allergens to build up in your system causing respiratory issues or even mold in your ducts.

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