Painting Service Dubai

Painting Service Dubai

Painting Service Dubai

Skilled Interior & Exterior Painting for Your Home and Commercial Space

Painting Starting from 499 AED

Painting scratches or scuffs Starting from 499 AED

Every now and then, we get the urge to repaint our living room or bedroom. But doing so on your own will take you lots of time and effort that you could easily spend elsewhere. Instead, let Fantastic Handyman get on the case and handle everything for you. We will send qualified decorators who will gladly help you rekindle the long faded colours of your home or office walls with bold new hues.

Besides painting walls, the our team can also update the look of doors, windows, door frames, skirting boards and that of many other wooden elements.

A sample of the painting services we provide includes:

  • Road marking
  • Parking line painting
  • Spray painting of wooden doors
  • Painting of internal and external walls
  • Internal painting of residential and commercial properties
  • Pergola re-painting