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    AC Installation in Dubai

    The Dubai’s leading provider of air conditioning services & Home Maintenance Services

    Are you looking for someone for AC installation in Dubai? Please dont wait for Summer to get your new AC installed when the sun is blasting and your old units have failed. Armored and Strong Air Conditioning service is one of the best Dubai market leaders in energy-efficient air conditioning AC installations.

    A high-quality AC installation will provide you with clean, fresh air that makes your home a healthier environment to live in.

    Armored and Strong Air Conditioning Services offers a range of installation services, which usually begin with a person from our team visiting your home to review your needs.

    AC Callout starting from 149.00 AED

    AC Maintenance starting from 170.00AED

    AC Installation in Dubai
    AC Installation in Dubai

    During the home consultation for AC installation, we’ll take into consideration a number of factors, including:

    • The potential heat load of the Apartment
    • Total Area of the Apartment
    • The area shape and size which needs to be Air Conditioned
    • Number of people living in the apartment

    For a Quote ac installation in Dubai, contact us today +971 55 559 9850. We install, service and maintain domestic and commercial air conditioning units throughout Dubai and the surrounding areas.

    What Kinds of AC maintenance Services do we Provide?

    We provide Monthly & Years Home maintenance services in Dubai. Our packages are

    Monthly Home maintenance Packages – Home maintenance services in Dubai

    • Basic – AED 99/month
    • Standard – AED 178/month
    • Ultimate – AED 258/month

    Yearly Home Maintenance Packages – Home maintenance services in Dubai

    • Basic – AED 1,128/month
    • Standard – AED 2,029/month
    • Ultimate – AED 2,941/month

    AC Servicing

    We can offer specialist AC servicing which includes Air Duct & AC Cleaning to clean out your heating and cooling systems in a professional way.

    AC Installation

    Bespoke AC Installation Services – AC installation in Dubai tailored to individual client requirements

    AC Maintenance

    Specialists in the development of AC maintenance plans for any environment

    AC Repair

    Reliable and swift response to emergency breakdown AC Repair scenarios

    Looking for AC Servicing in Dubai?

    We provide Air Conditioning Installation, servicing, maintenance and Repair Services in Dubai

    It is important to clean your Residential Air Conditioning (or air conditioning units) filters and regularly clean the coils with disinfectants. Irregular air conditioning service will lead to the build of deadly legionnaires within the coils.

    Looking for AC maintenance Dubai? Our team of expert engineers are able to design, install and maintain a wide variety of air conditioning systems for all types of commercial and domestic situations. Our AC Services includes AC maintenance, AC cleaning, AC servicing, AC installation, AC repair, AC cleaning Dubai.

    Our engineers will carry out a full assessment of the units when they complete the AC maintenance. They will give both the indoor and outdoor units a thorough clean, both internally and externally. They will check that the system is operating within normal parameters and will flush out the drain lines which will help reduce the possibility of future leaks. We do not simply clean the filters as many less than reputable AC companies do when they “service” your units. Our maintenance plans are bespoke for your specific system and are set up to ensure you will receive the best value for money.

    What type of AC Repair Services is most typical?

    If left unchecked for too long, operational issues with your equipment might lead to health issues in addition to limiting its production and effectiveness. The root reasons of these errors are typically simple. However, those who are not educated in air conditioning maintenance may not always see them. From AC Repair Dubai, you may get … Continue reading What type of AC Repair Services is most typical?

    How to Find out the Perfect AC Maintenance & Servicing Dubai

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    Why is AC Servicing so important?

    For smooth and effective cooling, air conditioner fins, filters, and coils must be maintained on a regular basis. AC Servicing in Dubai ensures that the air conditioner works properly and performs well in the future months. If you don’t take adequate care of your air conditioner, it will lose its capacity to of cooling the … Continue reading Why is AC Servicing so important?

    When Should You Call For Air Conditioning AC Maintenance In Dubai?

    In Dubai, forced air systems are required for both domestic and commercial constructions. To guarantee that your cooling systems last as long as possible and that your daily routine is not disrupted, you should schedule AC support in Dubai in the ideal scenario. However, this is seldom the case. Many individuals may contact a support … Continue reading When Should You Call For Air Conditioning AC Maintenance In Dubai?

    Why is it necessary to hire a Professional AC Cleaning Service Dubai?

    Professional AC Cleaning Service Dubai Dubai’s environment is characterized by blistering hot temperatures and excessive humidity levels. As a result, it’s not unexpected that air conditioning is always in demand in the city. To avoid severe weather, people choose to stay indoors and do their everyday chores and business. They also keep the air conditioning … Continue reading Why is it necessary to hire a Professional AC Cleaning Service Dubai?

    Why Clean Air Filter is Essential for Air Conditioners and HVAC Systems in your home?

    Your air conditioner’s air filter plays an important role in the proper operation of your AC system. The ac air filter is not just to help keep the air clean, it can make your AC work properly. Replacing or cleaning the air filter regularly before it turns into a dirty ac filter is one of … Continue reading Why Clean Air Filter is Essential for Air Conditioners and HVAC Systems in your home?

    AC Maintenance Tips for Your Home

    To make sure your air conditioner continues to run easily and efficiently, it’s important to carry out some basic routine maintenance. Without the correct maintenance plan in place, your AC unit could use more energy, and increase your electricity bill, and might stop working Below, we are going to discuss some of our top AC … Continue reading AC Maintenance Tips for Your Home

    Choosing the Best AC for Your House

    Air conditioning is essential for life in Dubai, especially now that the city is experiencing 45° heat waves. Nothing beats stepping into a lovely, cold House, Flat or even an office to get away from a mid-afternoon swelter. That’s why you should check to see if your air conditioner is adequately serving your home. All … Continue reading Choosing the Best AC for Your House