Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The client undertakes to settle the amounts which due Armored and Strong Within the time frame. The client will grant Armored and Strong to carry out their maintenance works, troubleshooting, etc.  Armored and Strong will attend within four (4) hours any emergency calls of breakdown and troubleshooting received from the clients.


  • Machines and equipment which not in working condition as per attached
  • Any Civil Works & Interior design works.
  • Any works related to Data Center/ Etisalat /Wi-Fi/ GSN etc. Directly related to other third parties.
  • Fire alarm and firefighting Systems.
  • Any precontract pending maintenance works that necessary to make things in working condition, which will be addressed during the first month of the contract period.
  • All parts, material, and consumables – only in the basic package and for standard and ultimate as per description.
  • Repair includes all labor to diagnose, repair, or replace failed compressors, however, any major repair works as a replacement of compressor/condenser coil/evaporator / main controller, etc will be charged accordingly.
  • Any work related to the enhancement of existing devices that is in working condition.
  • Any electrical modification work.
  • Any entry permit fees and NOC charges.


Contract Period & Termination

The contract period is One (1) year from the commencement date. The client and to its sole prerogative has the right to terminate this maintenance service agreement.

A note should be submitted to us for at least one month AHEAD and 50% of the balance sum should be refunded.


Annual Fees & Terms of Payments

The maintenance services shall be provided by Armored and Strong for one (1) year total fees, 5% VAT will be extra, which is payable as follows:

50% advance payment upon approval of the quotation.

25% after three months of the commencement date.

25% after six months of the commencement date.

The annual fees derived from here above shall be payable against invoices submitted by Armored and Strong will be settled by the client within 3 days from the date of receipt of the invoice. The maintenance services fees above exclude the supply of spare parts & consumables. In case of repair needed with the replacement of spare parts and refrigerant, the client will be bear the expense of repair works.

We hope you will find this offer very competitive and look forward to receiving your valuable order.

Thanking You in Advance.